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I came here because of the bike travel videos, but honestly the mailing list seems to me to be one of the best there is. You make me think every day.


It has nothing to do with what you can expect from a "media" about the world of cycling. I have learned a lot for life and above all for the professional field, thanks for this free work.

Jose Carlos

I love the style but especially the content. Very fan, very rich... as I tell you in the videos on Youtube.


It is the best newsletter I receive in my mailbox, period. No fairytales, no milongas as you call them over there. Thank you for giving us this daily knowledge.

Luis Eduardo

What pisses me off is that I missed all the emails I missed by subscribing recently. I don't know if it can be considered a positive review, for me it is. Thanks


I had to write you this after the email you sent yesterday. I don't know if you are aware of the value you give away daily with this project. Thanks and a recommendation: Put out a book or something because it would be the bomb.


There is nothing even half like it. I agree with your vision 1000% the bike is just a part of each of us. I learn a lot with this newsletter, thanks a lot.


I was a customer of the store when you were selling everything, I loved the deal. Now I'm hooked on your 2.57 seconds of daily reading, when is there going to be exclusive content for members or something?

David M