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Who is Fred

Who is Pam

The History

In 2019, from Blue Derby in Tasmania, after riding the most incredible network of trails in the mountain bike world, Pam and I finalized an idea we had been designing in our heads for years.

That night, after running after a Tasmanian devil that appeared in our yard, we decided to launch Fred's Cycling Obsession project.

We are a Spanish brand, based in Madrid, and fueled by all the experiences we have lived and continue to live in our travels around the world.

We are an online store, with specially selected products in each category and with special focus on local, organic, sustainable and everything that helps to build a better now for everyone. We are also designers of our own line of cycling gear, manufactured in Spain with our partner Gobik.

We pay taxes here, yes, it seems strange to mention this, but it is an important fact when we talk about competition in digital sales.

When you choose a specialty store like ours, as opposed to large corporations, you know that you are contributing to your community, to those of us who work to improve it every day and respect the rules.

In case you didn't know, most large corporations in our sector do not pay taxes in our country and usually not in Europe either.

These are difficult times for brands that take care of the experience and work the content and the relationship as we do, but certainly for us there is no better way to do it.

We collaborate with various associations around the world, donating material and money every month, and we also contribute locally to clubs and amateur cyclists who need help.

But above all, what drives us most is to inspire and motivate others to go on adventures with their bikes and along the way, connect with them on the fundamental planes of life.

And you know what?
When you shop at our store you will always receive a personalized gift, because we care about you, because we want you to feel cared for in an industry where only return and margin matter.

What's more, you can return your purchase free of charge, without explanation and with no time limit if you haven't used it.

Jean-Luc Godard:

The one who jumps into the void owes no explanation to those who stand there watching him.