Syringe and valve kit to tubeless your wheel with the milkit system. The most advanced on the market.

  • 2x milKit valves (4 sizes available)

  • 1x Measuring and refilling syringe

  • 1x valve core tool

  • 2 x milKit stickers

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milKit makes camera-less conversion very easy. This is the best option for converting your mountain bike or road bike to tubeless. The performance of a tubeless setup has many advantages: it is lighter, more puncture resistant, has better traction and prevents the vehicle from braking punctures from thorns and sharp stones. However, before milKit revolutionised tubeless fitting, setting up the wheels was a long and complicated job. Checking tubeless fluid levels has always been a hassle until milkit invented the system of refilling and checking the fluid without losing air pressure and without fluid splashing everywhere.


  • The milKit syringe and valve system means that tyres can be mounted dry and sealant added afterwards,
  • milKit valves do not clog like other valves, thanks to the intelligent rubber flaps.
  • Use the syringe to easily check if there is enough sealant left in your wheels.
  • The syringe accurately measures the amount of sealant required.
  • No more disasters when tubing as tyres can be installed dry and sealant can be added through the valve afterwards.
  • The kit contains a measuring and refilling syringe, valves and a valve core removal tool.

How to use it:

  • Installing rim tape
  • Install milKit valves and screw in the milKit valve core.
  • Pre-inflates your tyre up to 22 psi (we recommend the MilKit Booster): the rubber valve flaps ensure that no air is lost even without the valve core installed.
  • Measure out the correct amount of sealant and insert it into a pressurised tyre with the syringe - no staining, no mess!
  • Screw the valve core back in and inflate the tyre to full pressure; the tyre now pops fully onto the rim. You're ready to ride! Ongoing maintenance is also easy. With other tubeless tyre systems, you have to remove the tyre to check if there is enough sealant left, with milKit you can simply remove the valve core and insert the syringe to check. No mess and faster results!
The syringe holds 60 ml or 2 ounces of liquid and comes with a flexible connector and a large needle to push through the valve and rubber flaps. There is also a sealant regulator that screws onto the syringe for easy refilling. The needle has an angled end for effective removal of all the sealant in the tyre so you know exactly how much sealant is in there. Rubber flaps on the bottom of the valve prevent the sealant from filling and blocking the valve and ensure that no air is lost when the core is removed.  

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